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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A BLANK CANVAS <br><br>We’re a different kind of agency.<br><br>Canvas is people-centric. It’s why we’re here. Everyone brings something to the table—models, clients, agents, casting directors, creative professionals—and it's our goal to nurture those relationships and build a culture of collaboration that puts people at the center of everything we do. <br>There is no hierarchy at Canvas. We are, quite simply, a group of friends with varying talents existing in the same space, working to build an agency that’s unique. Our values are rooted in connection and conversation. <br>At Canvas, we work with our models to deeply understand them — their interests, their desires, their vision — so we can work hard to align those elements with the demands, trends, and opportunities that exist in the current industry landscape. <br>Because, at the end of the day, models are not simply the product of an agency’s vision—they’re people. At Canvas, our goal is to leverage authenticity to let our models shine, let them show their personalities, let them be who they are. This is what matters.</div>