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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Storm LA is founded by Noelle Doukas – formerly the head of the very successful Storm London Women’s division. The industry veteran is joined by the equally dynamic team of Trent Axelson, whose early career includes working as the Bookings Editor for both Teen Vogue and Allure; and Khosrov Melkonyan, a social media management and digital expert and Betsy Schrader, formerly senior agent at Wilhelmina LA. <br> <br>The team has vast experience working across fashion, beauty and digital, and they plan to bring this expertise to the burgeoning Los Angeles fashion industry. Storm LA will operate independently working with agencies across the board, with a strategic focus on creating partnerships and projects relevant to the LA market. The team will also bring their knowledge of the luxury fashion, beauty and editorial industries to all their clients in LA, acting as the innovator between artists, models, brands and platforms to create prestigious collaborations.<br><br>STORM LA represents clients like; Lottie Moss, Kate Bock, Fran Summers, Giselle Norman, Georgia Palmer, Nicole Atieno, Julie Hoomans, Meredith Mickelson, Jenaye Noah & Emily Driver.</div>