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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">WANT MANAGEMENT is a full-service, boutique modelling agency founded<br>in Toronto by Sean Penhall.<br><br>WANT draws inspiration from the models we scout, develop, and manage worldwide.<br>We are on the cutting edge of image and are inclusive in our representation. We are progressive in our approach and on the pulse of what clients want.<br><br>WANT finds talent. We scout, nurture, and curate an image that expresses each individual’s personality and ability. Not only do we seek diversity and a unique look, but we endeavour to find that special personality that will resonates with our world-wide base.<br><br>WANT creates faces. With a diverse network of clients and top-tier international agents, WANT is able to take a newly discovered face and polish their inherent natural abilities. Through thoughtful collaboration with talented artists and teams, we work to build a successful and long lasting career. Readying our roster for International placement.<br><br>WANT is worldwide. The agency has successfully secured placements in the top fashion markets, resulting in prestigious worldwide campaigns. In addition to this, WANT’s local team has over 30 years combined experience, which allows our models the opportunity to work with some of the best Canadian clientele.<br><br>OUR WORK<br><br>Jacob Lepp for PRADA, Amber Witcomb for Burberry, CELINE, ALL SAINTS, COS, Paul Smith, Sephora, Cami You-Ten for Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Y-3, Suj Lee for Dolce & Gabbana, Mathieu Simoneau for Calvin Klein, Mitchell Gorthy for Margaret Howell, FENDI, MSGM.<br><br>OUR VISION<br><br>WANT was created with love and passion. We seek the beauty of this business, the magic of it. It is our goal to achieve the highest level of image for our models.<br>WANT looks to the future to reinvent the definition of a “model”.<br>WANT builds successful careers and strives to have a positive impact on the lives of those we manage.<br>We are an agent of change.<br>We push the boundaries.<br>We will define what you WANT.<br><br>OUR FOUNDER<br><br>Sean Penhall began his journey as a model at age 18, and whilst travelling the world found himself behind the lens capturing those around him. Realizing he had a gift for spotting talent and a unique eye, Sean would go on to work as a model scout before branching out on his own. While posing the question What do I WANT? His model management agency was born. Combining his passion and ability to discover unique talent, and curate an image that would continuously receive international attention from agencies and clients alike.<br><br>“I firmly believe with a little bit of patience, nurturing, and encouragement a model can achieve the highest level of success in the business. I take a collaborative approach that truly puts the model’s best interests first.” <br>— Sean</div>