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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Since 2001, NOMAD MGMT has been recognized as one of the most respected personal management companies in the fashion industry. In 2016, supermodel COCO ROCHA joined NOMAD as an owner and model, bringing with her a team of managers to make NOMAD a full-fledged global booking agency for many of our select models and talent. With decades of experience on the talent, management and agency sides of the business, NOMAD’s unified NY/Miami office continues to put an emphasis on personal management while our West Coast team serves as a full-service booking agency.<br><br>Continuing the NOMAD philosophy that our clients are the Models, Talent and Creators that we represent, NOMAD MANAGEMENT strategizes to create a tailored approach to promotion, customer outreach and booking which will maximize our client’s long-term career success.</div>