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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Visionary, chic, ethical, audacious – these are the diverse words that describe mode models, a perennial name in the world of fashion. Mode models is an international modeling agency that discovers, promotes and represents talent at the highest levels of the industry. Local offices in Calgary and Edmonton actively recruit models by employing professional scouts, hosting model searches and producing high profile shows and events in their markets. Then the development begins. Mode guides each model step-by-step through the process, Industry insiders teach novices a host of vital skills as they develop a book of pictures, learn how to walk on the runway, move for the camera and interact with clients. Intangibles like poise and presence are also fostered to ensure success in this competitive industry. The benefit of mode’s representation would be difficult to overstate.<br><br>Models are aggressively promoted to the best clients and agencies in the world, Mode’s men and women have modeled fashions for virtually every top designer on the planet, and through mode’s extensive network of relationships with other agencies, models are “placed” with companies like women, Ford, IMG, Elite, and DNA in foreign markets and managed throughout their careers.<br>For those with promise and dedication Mode Models International can become a portal to a world of adventure and a life previously unimagined.<br><br>Very few Mother Agencies in the world [especially from small markets like Alberta] have achieved this level of success with their talent, and even fewer continue to maintain a relationship with said talent 30+ years later. When the phrase "to name a few" is used it's often deemed cliché, in our case this phrase couldn't be more fitting. What you see is only a small fraction of our models' incredible work. Please enjoy our @modecampcovers Instagram feed below to see our models Campaigns and Covers.<br><br><br>Kelly Streit<br>President + CEO<br>Kelly Streit is the founder and owner of Mode Models International. Mr. Streit founded the agency when he was 20 years old, scouted exclusively for Eileen Ford at Ford Models Inc, and grew Mode in short order to be one of the worlds most influential agencies, representing talent worldwide. Mr. Streit’s expertise in media relations, content creation, and brand development is unequaled, and he has collaborated with some of the largest companies, both in fashion and out. Mr. Streit was a reward recipient of the Fraser Milner Casgrain Pinnacle award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship and has sat on numerous charitable boards as well as the board of ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design). Mr. Streit has been recognised by Macleans magazine as one of the "100 canadians to watch" and was named "top 40 under 40" by Avenue Magazine an unprecedented 4 times.<br><br>Kelly Streit is an unparalleled innovator in the International modelling industry.</div>