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Linden Staub Profile


<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Founded in 2016 by Tara Le Roux & Esther Kinnear Derungs, Linden Staub is a model agency that has challenged the industry by creating a company where the mantra is ‘Empowering Talent’.<br><br>Their focus is on very close personal management, working on their talent’s objectives and goals – ensuring they have the tools and resources to feel confident and empowered at every stage, after every decision.<br>Uniquely, Linden Staub pay their models the day after they have completed a job, enabling and encouraging financial independence for all their talent.<br><br>Tara & Esther are passionate about helping talent to capitalise on the platform of ‘international model’ and work to their own objectives to open doors for themselves that would otherwise be unattainable.<br><br>Aiming to bring back honesty & integrity to the world of modelling, Linden Staub is the positive future of model agencies.</div>