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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Idol Looks started in 2005 with a handful of models.<br><br>Today we stand proud as of one of the top agencies in Norway with a network spread across the world. The goal of our agency has been the same since the beginning, to give our models an exclusive management experience; bespoke and personal.<br><br>Our focus is to produce All-rounder models who would easily slip into editorials for top-notch leading magazines at the same time are able to deliver high-end commercial work. Idol Looks has a very clear philosophy to pave the way in fashion and modeling by bringing back sustainability into the industry.<br>Our vision is simple and non-fussy in terms of belief, we don't focus on the " IT Model" or "Who's trending ". Rather we devote entirely to the well being of the model by heavily investing our time in their longevity. From scouting a new face to developing and grooming them to become the stars of the industry.<br><br>The work we do on our models is more extensive and couture-like which is why we proudly represent our models who have been featured in some of the world`s renowned brands. From Hermes, Prada, Dolce Gabbana to French vogue, l'officieland Harpers Bazaar, to name a few. Idol looks believes in being Boutique and we work for the sole purpose of delivering quality above anything else.</div>