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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Unknown Model Management is a Tokyo, Japan based modeling agency founded in February 2017; it is an ambitious, yet bold project, created by professionals who have been working in the modeling industry for over a decade. Company founder Nagi created the Unknown Model Management project with the intent of revolutionizing the Japanese fashion industry. <br><br>Unknown Model Management runs on three core concepts: <br><br>To promote the best of Japan and Japanese culture to the world and make the Japanese fashion industry as vibrant and vital as the other great fashion cities in the world. <br><br>Inspired by style, inspiration and exciting ideas, we want to make everyone connected to Unknown happy and exceed their expectations.<br><br>Aware that we are one of the most innovative teams in the Japanese fashion industry, we constantly challenge ourselves with passion, and we believe in our potential.<br><br>The Unknown Model Management family is composed of a select team of professionals with vast experience in the fashion industry who work hard everyday to make the Japanese fashion world better place.</div>