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Kult London Profile


<div id="agencyIntroTxt">The Kult Group is at the forefront of talent management, representing the most influential in-demand names in the business, & renowned for discovering, developing & marketing our talent on a global stage.<br><br>Founded by Marco Cordes in 2001 in Germany, The Kult Group has established itself as an internationally respected brand that boasts a network of agencies in Hamburg, Sydney, Stockholm and Vienna.<br><br>This year, The Kult Group announced expansion plans to further establish its renowned global mission; Kult London will launch in November with a team of dedicated, experienced agents with an extensive knowledge of the Fashion business. At the helm of Kult London is Director Cat Trathen, an agent with over 20 years’ experience and a well-respected reputation of leading a successful London Men’s Division. Cat is joined by her existing team that boast an impressive network of clients and contacts in the Fashion Industry. Their shared expertise promises to bring an exciting, energetic and creative approach to management, establishing an agency in London which will focus foremost on the growing Men’s Fashion industry representing an array of Male Models and Talent.<br><br>Our joint philosophy is simple; The Kult Group are committed to providing personalised management & long-term career development, dedicated to individuality with an international attitude.<br></div>