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HEROES Model Management Profile


<div id="agencyIntroTxt">Heroes New York opened in September 2015 in the heart of Soho. Born from a desire to bring back the talent to the forefront of Fashion, Heroes has already firmly established itself as one of the world’s leading independent agencies.<br><br>Embracing the various strengths of the models we represent, we have focused our management on establishing New Faces, as well as elevating the careers of our more established models.<br>The question we ask our talents is “who are you? what is the strength behind the beauty?”. <br>Heroes was born amidst a climate of ‘overcrowding', one that often makes for shorter spanned careers. We work with the current dynamic of Art and Commerce, but against the notion of the 'disposable model'.<br>To do so we approach the industry in a proactive manner, bringing brand and talent together, curating every aspect of careers, from imagery to social media, but more importantly adapting our management to the ever-evolving movement of fashion and society. <br><br>The 'Heroes model' has a drive to constantly be the best they can be. To adapt to the current market, but to do so whilst keeping the essence of self. Someone who has the drive to turn personal strengths and passions into a successful global brand, and to do so whilst never forgetting the need to give back.<br><br>In July 2020, Heroes partnered with the Black in Fashion Council as they work to lead and instigate real, much needed change towards a more inclusive fashion industry. As a business, we are proud to represent many BIPOC models, whose wellbeing and treatment has always been at the heart of what drives HEROES. Alongside the Black in Fashion Council and our agency partners, we are committed to working towards being a part of the solution so that our models are allowed to work in safe and inspiring conditions.<br><br>Heroes is not a new agency, it is a new way of managing talent, and a partner in the evolution of Fashion globally.</div>