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<div id="agencyIntroTxt">BLOW Models was born in Barcelona in 2011, raised by two siblings - Natàlia and Xavi - who had been working in the modelling industry for eight years and shared a common fashion language. The agency - now based also in Madrid since 2015 - is thought as an agency boutique, having special care and criteria on their board and intended as a special business.<br><br>Representing Women and Men boards for fashion, commercial, editorial and shows, strenghts include a special skill to develope and build careers for new faces, being one of the top agencies in Spain when it comes to Development in town. Blow's vibe is professional yet warm, getting to know the models and specially empowering them to embrace modelling, to pursue their careers, to fight and enjoy what they do. Having worked for worldwide top brands, there's also the feeling that stays when models come back and back and back and state that there, modelling experience becomes something further. Something greater.</div>