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M2 Model Management Profile


<div id="agencyIntroTxt">M2 Model Management is a leading model agency in the fashion industry with international famous models working actively in the European and American fashion platforms and experienced new faces, whose high-quality and perfect performances bring us different visual feast.<br><br>To keep up with the trend of the Asian market, the agency business scope covers advertising photography, catalogue and magazine shooting , film and television advertising, commercial exhibition, car show events, real estate opening, annual celebration meeting, product-releasing events, international beauty pageant event and tourism culture festival promotion activities all over the country, etc. The agency also provides customized professional services.<br><br>The agency is composed of a professional, efficient and robust team, constantly digging potential elite models from European and American markets who meet the demand of the Asian market. The agency also actively explores ways to help customers enhance their brand image and competitiveness, and through optimizing management, channels and expertise to provide customers with all-round services. After a few years of precipitation and experience, M2 has gathered international fashion models, and had reputation at clothing, car, jewelry, real estate, entertainment and other fields. Our goal is not to become No.1 of the industry, but the only one.</div>