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Mavs Talent Center Profile


Mavs Talent & Production Management delivers solutions in providing clients’ Casting and Production requirements, from Company AVPs, Events, TV & Print Commercials as well as Company collateral.     A new player in the world of Show business and Advertising, who recognize the potential of all, from Kids, Teens & Adults. To be able to produce Quality Talents by helping them to develop their given craft thru mentoring and coaching, find tools and help them also look for a right projects. Also venturing with Companies, Media and Networks and help them on their Casting requirements by providing them Quality Models, Talents & Performers. We envision to be one of the Country’s Star Builder, Talent Management and Production Team, and to produce Quality Talents, realizing potential of all talents on their crafts in the field of show business, performing or theater arts and advertising thru proper coaching, training and development.