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Front Media Entertainment is the talent agency of choice of producers, directors, and advertisers. We represent a diverse pool of talents who have appeared in the country's well-loved commercials in print, TV, and social media. Formed in 2010 by Sheila Ambray, Front Media Entertainment (FME) has grown into a distinguished talent agency in the Philippines. Our commitment to providing the best faces and branded service has established us to be one of the most-trusted talent agency of brands, advertisers, and directors. Since 2010, we have worked with the top local and multinational brands, film production companies, publications, and television networks. And our list of clients keeps on growing.<br /><br /> At FME, we represent a diverse pool of talents and models from all over the country. Our team of dedicated talent scouts are constantly on the search for fresh, distinct, and skilled individuals that best fit our client’s vision.<br /><br /> Our strong working relationship also extends to our talents by providing them excellent opportunities to work for top brands and be part of notable projects. Over and beyond the invaluable exposure FME provides to our talents, what made us earn their trust and loyalty over the years is the supportive environment that believes in their potential.