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ADTRACZ TALENT MANAGEMENT, a prestigious talent agency, founded in the year 2007. It was conceptualized to become the most powerful and the most respected Talent Agency in the Country.<br /><br /> We are here to bring the country's most sought Talents, Models, Theater Actors, and Celebrities to please our Clients in the field of Films, Television, Events and Advertising.<br /><br /> The company though, relatively new is still an infant in the industry, and is definitely no different than those who have been in the world of modeling for a long time. but we are here to stay and surpass their achievements in the ever growing world of Advertising.<br /><br /> ADTRACZ, as it has been renowned for, welcomes all Casters, Directors, Producers, Advertising Agencies, Local and International Clients to discover our developed expertise in choosing the very BEST. We create a FAMILY for you to accept, like and admire, that what we offer you now and in the future is a whole new world of people that are dreaming to become part of your projects. ADTRACZ is here to accept, assist, and market all our Pool of Talents, Actors, Models and Television Artists to land the best Projects Locally and International in the fields mentioned below: TV COMMERCIALS, PRINT ADS, BILLBOARDS, SHOWS, AND EVENTS, MOVIES, THEATER, TELEVISION SERIES, AND ENTERTAINMENT.<br /><br /> We render utmost care and responsibilities not only to our staff, agents, talents and artists, but also to our enduring clients who gives us the opportunity to present the best that we can offer in the industry where we work much hand in hand together. We hereby leave you with the thought of what more, ADTRACZ can offer in this world. As of our present status, ADTRACZ have already started outsourcing International Talents, Models and Actors to satisfy the needs of our Clients for their present and future projects.