Project: Print REAL STATE

Start Date:



Male & Female

Age Range:

0 - 60


*Dad* Mid-30s to late 30s. Looks like a businessman on a managerial level. Should be fit and can look like a serious athlete.

*Mom* Early 30s to mid-30s. Should have a toned body. Exudes a go-getter personality.

*Kid - male* 6 - 7 years old. Has a charming look. Should have a "lively" personality and is very active.

*Adult female* Late 20s to early 30s. Should have a toned body. Has a cheerful personality and is health conscious.

*Adult male* Mid-30s. Should have a really toned body. Should look like a serious athlete or one who does extreme sports. Has a very enthusiastic personality.

All talents must be class A and available for the shoot.