Project: “Athena”

Start Date:



Male & Female

Age Range:

10 - 36

Project: "Athena” - Milk Drink Tvc and Digital Ads

‼️New Casting for Powdered and liquid milk and Chocolate Drink  SHOOT DATE : FEB 25,27 and 28 2021 

Dad - 30's to late mid 30's - Can Act Well - Pleasant looking
Daughter and Son - 6 to 10 years old - can act Well - complete set of teeth
Mom - 30's to late Mid 30's - Expressive facial Features - Can act well
Cousin of Talents as Acting Extra - 10k NET - can act - complete set ng Teeth


- Recent Photos ng Family Pic
- Recent photos ng house, Kitchen, Sala and Dining Area

Materials : (for Main variant/flavor)
1 x TVC & Digital 30s
1 x TVC & Digital 15s edit down
1 x TVC & Digital 15s derivative (taste)
1 x TVC x Digital 15s derivative (price) 3x Digital 6s (for another variant/flavor)
1 x TVC & Digital 15s 1 x Digital 6s (to include but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites – both the brand and Client’s corporate websites and use of screengrabs from the TVC/Digital Ad as digital content)

Duration: 15 months upon airing as long as airing is not more than 30 days from the shoot.
Territory: Philippines only
Talent Fees: (REGULAR BILLING) Lock out: With lock out all powdered and liquid milk and chocolate drink
Talent Fee: 80k NET of all applicable taxes (per talent)
Conditions: Two (2) day shoot One (1) day fitting/workshop One (1) day Antigen swab test for adult talents

Note: If there’s additional day of shoot apart from the mandated 2 days shoot – additional 30k Net each per talent (if needed lang for another variant like the chocolate flavor

For the house fee – 30k NET per day of shoot

Note for the house: Middle class aspirational house in a village/subdivision. could be in or out of Metro Manila With mini-park/playground