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Modeling agencies at myfameandfortune.com is a dedicated place for models and aspiring talents looking for modeling work. No matter if you are an aspiring model or young amateur model or experienced professional you will be able to find a modeling agency near you, contact it and start the career of your dreams. Each modeling agency is carefully checked for their reputation as we try to provide best service for our visitors.

Moreover, we are proud to present a list of the most popular modeling agencies such as Imaj, Calcarries, Faces, Cosmopolitan together with all other agencies. If you are a model and would like to contact any modeling agency at our website � you are more than welcome to join as model, create your profile and get in touch with any modeling agency you wish to.

We always welcome good reputation agencies to apply for the membership as modeling agency. After our verification, you can be contacted by thousands of aspiring models from all over the world. All our members are invited to participate in myfameandfortune.com forum where you will find posts about modeling agencies, general modeling discussions, scam agencies and many others related to your profession.

MyFameandFortune is a highly professional company with one difference; we work hard for you. Our results are exceptional, which equals superb contacts and ultimately success for you.

The Modeling Agencies on our list do not charge joining fees; the only agencies charging 'joining fees' and other charges, are rip-off agencies, or those staying open through the fees they receive, not the work they get you. A real modeling agency promotes you at their own expense and gets paid 10% - 30% for the work they get you; the only thing you should be paying for is your initial portfolio, and even this can often be arranged for nothing (tfcd - your Time in exchange For copies of the CD of photos with photographers). Models with haute couture potential (young, fresh, over 5' 10, with a 'special something') will be trained, groomed and have a portfolio created for them by the agency. All recruits will have test shoots done for agency promotion.

- WHAT TO AVOID! - modeling scams to watch out for.

Some Words from our Valued Partners and Clients

Casting Director

My name is Thitia, I'm casting director from Thailand and now I'm working on an appliance commercial. We are searching for a boy age around 6-9 years old, who are energetic, cute and extremely expressive. He can be caucasian boy with dark color hair or mixed asian caucasian and if he's a little chubby and able to speak english, it would be great, but that's optional. At the moment I have budget for the boy approximately USD 8,000. If you can find any boy as I describe please inform me urgently.

Advertising Agency

We are an advertising agency located in Del Monte, Quezon City and we are looking for a male and female foreigner models, 20-25 years old and they will be used for print.

Modeling Agency
Bangkok, Thailand

We are a new modeling agency base in Bangkok, Thailand. We are looking for your local male & female models to represent to our clients in Thailand. Please send us photos&details of your models so we will display them on our website and show to clients. This is our request. 1. Your models must never be presented to any Thai modeling agencies and Thai clients before. 2. We prefer mixed blood with European or Western only.

Production House
Jakarta, Indonesia

i'm Andre the talent coordinator of NAYFOSINDO, a production house based on Jakarta indonesia. specializing in TV comercial and documentary. We'll producing TVC for biscuit product. we are looking for talent that can do ballet. Age between 25-30 years old height min.168 cm media TVC and PRINTS Budget USD 1500

Talent Caster

I need to view the models of the different talent agencies. i work for an event company and ad agency. I am a freelance talent caster and event coordinator

Stock Photo agency

We are a highly professional and large international Stock Photo agency based in Malaysia and are looking to assign a project in the Philippines. Therefore we are seeking models who are able to work for us. The project is for 4 days and apart from your talent's fees, Inmagine will also pay for accommodation, transportation and all meals. The theme for the shoot will be based on Spa/Healthy Lifestyle and shot at several locations (to be confirmed)

Advertising Agency
Manila, Philippines

Hi! I have a shoe manufacturing company client that needs kids - male, 2 to 8 years old for endorsement. Also, male, late 20's and early 30's age. Please help me. Open budget. Photos will be used in all print ads. Im interested to know more about josh_vincent, linux, marlouise, glyn, benchp, jongar, casey, philhart, julian, uli, joselet, john152, patlehm, johnmul, sean. Please let me know.

TV Station
Quezon City, Philippines

Good day! I am Melissa Nicdao, researcher of QTV 11. We will be having a new reality show dedicated to engage couples who are planning to hold their Grand Wedding this year. If you have talents/models who are interested please call us. Thank you and God bless!

Ad Agency

OPTION quote 1: TVC : local channel & cable channels
PRINT : All print media inclusive of website. Singapore : 1 year then how much for additional year, agency needs to know in case they extend another year.
OPTION quote 2: TVC : local channel & cable channels PRINT : All print media inclusive of website. South East Asia with Singapore: 1 year OPTION quote 3: TVC : local channel & cable channels PRINT : All print media inclusive of website. perpetuity : Singapore only perpetuity : South East Asia with Singapore Product : Jean Yip TVC : 1 x 30 secs PRINT : each talent with two lay-outs each but of course to shoot with different poses for agency and clients to choose from. 1 x Pan Asian with black, straight, long and voluminous hair... like those shampoo TVC girls. 1 x Chinese with good complexion, short length black hair. 1 x Chinese with svelte, toned body, medium length black hair we may shoot in Singapore or in Manila or in Shanghai. pls give option quote to shoot in S'pore, Manila and Shanghai. production will provide travel cost (Airfare, hotel & per diem) for talents only. should there be any assistant to come with talent to Manila or Shanghai, travel cost will be under the care of the assistants inclusive of airfare, hotel & per diem. shootdays : 2 days inclusive of TVC & Print. we will shoot simultaneous. means TVC & Print to be in between those two days. Hair treatment for Pan Asian hair talent will be done here in S'pore under Jean Yip. if the talent's hair is not so straight, then she will have hair rebonding and some hair treatment to moisturize and smoothen her hair days prior to shoot. pls email me comp cards. will do casting once they are pre-selected from comp cards.

Production House
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYASIA

Please find attached the brief for your immediate action. This commercial ultimately focuses on the glamourus, luxurious and prestigious lifestyle of the branding. The talents MUST reflect this core value.
Client: Nokia Product: Handphone
Location: Kuala Lumpur Market: China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Medium: TVC, Web, Free to air in stores
Budget: USD2000 + 20%
Role : Main Male
Age : 25 � 30yrs
Feature : Caucasian (European Looking) Remarks : Handsome face Must have certain style, sense of individuality and a presence of ease with his style
Role : Main Female Age : 20 � 25yrs
Feature : Pan Asian, Pan Chinese (young Audrey Hepburn look) Remarks : Pretty Must look beautiful and elegant, a gorgeous girl with vitality and grace are important attributes.

Plane ticket and accommodation for the models will be provided by us. Please revert with pictures as soon as you can. Please ensure that all your talent recommendations are available for Selection process, we will shortlist the talent through com card & then they will need to be casted. Email us the casting for presentation. Once confirmed after our PPM, we will notify you & talent has to come down a day or 2 days before shoot for wardrobe fitting. Sorry for the inconvenience due to the short production timing.Your consideration and urgency is much appreciated.

Modeling Agency

I am Wing who is the in-charge of Model Movement of Elite HK Model. We used to invite overseas models for placement in every season. I appreciate if you can propose us your models who would like to try our market in the near future. Look forward to start working with you soon.

TV Station
Quezon City, Philippines

We are in need of TV hosts for our upcoming Home TV Show early next year, female, 24-32 years old, pleasing personality, no need of hosting experience, we can provide modules for that but important is must have a Interior Design or Architecture background, certificate will be an added point but interest in the field is considered

Film Company
Quezon City, Philippines

Hi, I need help on contacting your talent she is featured on your female young adult category. We would like to try her out on our auditions. I think she fits the character that we are looking for in our film. i do hope you could us.

Modeling Agency
Bangkok, Thailand

Please let us know how to get the login and password for your website.
Also would it be possible to post our agency's information in your website as well? So the agencies and models can contact us also.

Please also send us your operating guideline for our reference.

Creative Agency
Sacramento, CA, USA

Hello My Fame and Fortune! I have a set of requirements for a corporate video for my company. Can you help?

Age: 25-40
Build: Slim to average, with a poised stance and a figure that wears a suit well. Can also look good in the "new casual corporate" fashion style (blazer, collared shirt with something on top, etc.)
Personality: Quiet forcefulness - calm, engaging, persuasive; Must not be too animated in her movements when delivering lines.
Speech: Clear, concise; American Broadcast accent
Desired Experience: Hosting for corporate events, college or repertory theater
Budget: 20 to 40k daily rate

Hope to hear from you soon.

TV Station
Budapest, Hungary

We are a market leading international calltv company selling our shows in 40+ countries. We are based in Budapest, Hungary, we have here 14 studios. We constantly need hosts for our emerging new shows in Philippines. Probably we could build up a fruitful business relationship.

Very important: the candidates have to accept our conditions and should be ready to travel to Hungary ASAP and work here for at least 3 months!! - We need urgently hosts for: Filippino of Filippino Islands
Conditions for the host: - The hosts should have passport or visa to come to work in Hungary for at least 3 months asap! We offer allowances: - accommodation /room in a flat - telephone with card - food ticket for lunch - public transport pass - standard medical first aid - plain ticket from and to ............... - plain ticket after every sixth month to and from ............ to visit home Do you think you can you help me? In the hope of your positive answer.

Creative Agency

I need a female talent from Vietnam (age early 30's) she must be Filipino. Would like to check how much would it be for all print media, worldwide, 1 year and the other media usage is buyout, 2 different quote please. It's only for one shot on side profile, face not featured by the way. The second one is a 8 to 9 years old Filipino girl, usage same as above. Also one shot and face will be featured. Either her father or mother can come with her but not both as we do not have the budget. I know you have young talents and would be great if you can help me to find one good looking and talented little girl. We need them in HK for 1 day only so their airfare needs to be included but hotel will be paid from Hong Kong. Please give me a quote as soon as you can.

Advertising Agency
Makati, Philippines

Just want to look around for models for a beauty product.

Paranaque, Philippines

Hello, I am the owner of a Philippines (Paranaque) based garment manufacturing business. We make Club Wear and Dance Wear for young adult women. I urgently need a reliable model who can work with my designer in the final stages of patterning and fitting our clothes. Although the clothes are daring in nature, we are all professional business owners. Very safe and comfortable work setting. Female supervised. This could turn into a nice assignment for the right girl or girls. We need one girl at least 5' 6� -7"H, Medium build, not too thin or heavy and one girl slightly taller (5�8�) with a nicely proportioned but rounder figure. Our main buyers are American and European woman who as we all know are much larger than Asian woman. Can you help?

Manila, Philippines

We are searching for pretty and sexy female models to be part of our first Model Trading Cards Edition in the Philippines.

Film Company
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

I'm an executive producer of THE KOOL CAMPUS FILM GROUP based in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. We are looking for good models to represent in the asian region for acting or modelling jobs

Entertainment Company
Makati, Philippines

I'm from SOLAR Entertainment Corp..We have a new reality show to be aired over RPN 9. It is entitled "SHOOT THAT BABE" a reality search for model who will be part of UNO Magazine...We will be having a Screening/VTR for the female models ages 18 to 26. at least 5' 4" in height. Please help us find the talents.

Modeling Agency
Moscow, Russia

Dear Colleagues from Philippines, We are happy to present you our fast-growing Russian scouting agency �Best Model Group� We specialize in organizing of castings in different cities of Russia and abroad. Each time we discover more than 50 new faces. If you have any questions, offers or exact requirements to the models you�re looking for, please, don�t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to cooperate with modeling agencies all over the world and we are not limited by any kind of frames.

Talent Agency
Makati, Philippines

A client of ours is looking for an endorser and image model. They would prefer a fresh new face.
VTR CALL: Looking for female 18-25 years old to be the face of a new IT product coming out this 2008.
Requirements: 18-25 years old. at least 5'4" Must be beautiful, with strong eye features. MUST be well spoken in english and can deliver lines on-cam (Very Important) Must have great body that will look good in an all white bodysuit.
Please Bring: Tight fitting/ body hugging outfit 1 Set card or full length and close up picture Please come in full make-up Should the model be chosen by client as the image model of the product, commercial Shoot budgets will be announced prior to the signing of 1-2 year contract as image model. Thank You and Good Luck!

International Booker
Bangkok, Thailand

My name's Max, an International Booker. I contact with Elite Model Dubai, Hongkong and another agency all Asia cuz i have been with them. I have been contact with production house to do this products such as Sunsilk Shampoo, Pantene Shampoo, Biore, Citra, O'Ley, Nevia Skincare, Ponds Skincare, Clinic Shampoo something like that etc. if i have the new job i'll contact you directly. How i need from your models are Photos, Snap Shot (update), Magazines, especially video General Casting Tape (Mpeg flies). Can you send too me please ? Lastly I'll contact by direct booking . Hope to hear from you soon.

Quezon City, Philippines

I am currently the Production Coordinator of HOTWIRE TV. It is a 30 minute car lifestyle show that features different cars from tricked out, restored, high gear, drifting, etc.. segments. Every segment we invite guest host/ celebrities to join our HOTWIRE host Mr. Jinno Rufino for the segment. We would like to offer you a free exposure of your talents in our show. A "hottie" can join the segment with our host and the featured car. We would like to include your company logo in the closing billboard of our show. Should you be interested in this proposal, please feel free to get in touch with me for further details. We can help your talents for additional exposure.

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