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How To Create a Setcard

The Model Set card sytem is designed so you could send out your setcard to anyone you choose or specific Agencies in the list - worldwide. The modeling industry is always on the lookout for fresh new faces and we provide you that opportunity through the setcard system to contact them directly. The Setcard system page basically has two functions aside from it automatically creating your setcard.

  1. Allows you to redraw your SetCard in case you have decided to add another image or change the images of your portfolio.
  2. Allows you to broadcast your SetCard to any party you choose or to a set group in a country or specific talent agencies on our list.

The SECOND option is integral in making sure your chances are improved when an opportunity comes along via the Casting Notices. However we will tackle that a bit later, for now it's important you understand the specific functions and how your plans can be achieved.

Setcard system

This is a sample setcard which usually contains at the most 5 images. The main image is always the main picture you have selected in your profile. The other four images are the latest images you have uploaded into the system. So before you upload any images keep this in mind and reserve the last four (4) images you wish to include on your setcard for the end of your upload. UPDATE: You can now select the images you want in your setcard via the EDIT IMAGES link on your menu.

To recreate your setcard is just a link away. Below your setcard is a link to recreate your setcard, click that and the system will collect your photos and redraw your new setcard.

You may click on your setcard as well which will open your full resolution setcard on another page in which you can save to your harddrive for other purposes like printing a hardcopy of it, for instance. 

Once you have created your setcard you will need to send it out to some talent agencies who will contact you if they wish to work with you.

Setcard Communication


This is the Main section in which the Setcard system can be used for communication. To the right is the Setcard communication platform which allows you to send an email to any email address by simply filling up an email address in the "email address" field. You may send to more than one by separating the succeeding email addresses with a comma "," for multiple addresses. Example: me@email.com, you@email.com, they@email.com, etc. Upon adding the email addresses you may now add a specific subject matter regarding your submission, a default subject matter has been added for your convenience however we suggest making it more personal to the nature of your communication. Finally, you need to add a message, again, we do have a default message you can use however we highly recommend you make it more personal so the chances of the person communicating back to you is increased.

If you have included an email address as explained above,  this section is completely OPTIONAL. However, for first timers or new members in our community we highly recommend you do this at least once so your portfolio can be seen by the people in the industry.

NOTE: We do not tolerate spamming in our system and constantly sending out setcards to the same email addresses can result to your removal from our community.

To instantly select all Philippine Talent Agencies click the check mark on the field marked "Send to All Philippine Talent Agencies", you may also select other Talent Agencies in other countries, however, please make sure you do have a passport and visa to those countries in case they contact you and want to represent you in their stable of models.

Talent Agencies are listed alphabetically and are comprised of legitimate agencies through out the Asian region and parts of Europe and America. To make it easier to select multiple Agencies in a country you may select the checkmark button beside the heading for each country.

Now that you understand the purpose and usage of this Setcard System, how do we put it to good use after initially sending out or broadcasting your setcard to multiple Talent Agencies?


Del Monte Fit'n Right GOT 2B FIT Challenge 2008. for those who want to be fit,fab,firm and famous.

Male and Female, age 18 to 29 who dream to get the body they have always wanted.
Registration: Open Call Jan 26-27 SM North EDSA and Feb2-3 SM Cebu and Davao.
Call 480-6550 or email your set card to got2bfitchallenge AT yahoo.com

10 Finalists will be selected and will be part of the Del Monte Fit 'n Right Got 2B Fit Challenge TV Show at ABS-CBN from Febuary to March.

Grand prize ( 2 winners ) P500,000, ABS-CBN STAR MAGIC Management Contract and the opportunity to be the next Del Monte Fit 'n Right Ambassador.

An example of one of the Casting notices we posted some time ago in MyFameandFortune is shown to the right. Now in most cases you are requested to attend a GOC (Go See) , but sending your setcard to these casting notices may save you a lot of time, money, and effort spent on attending a GOC or a VTR just to be informed you dont make the cut. Well we never said a model's life is not full of it's own challenges and disappointments, however, we at MyfameandFortune believe in minimizing the cost of acquiring work and provide you the tools to help you. The keyword here is PROVIDE, you still need to do some work but at least you can now do it in the comfort of your home or an Internet cafe close to you.

As you can see on the post to the right specific information is provided as to what they are looking for. Now you can attend the Open Call and swim your way to the multitude of aspirants for the role or simply email your setcard to the email address included and be contacted if you fit the role. To use this information on your setcard highlight the email address on the casting notices you receive from our system then copy (ctrl-c)  and paste (ctrl-v) the email address to the email field in the setcard page as explained in the information above. Type in or copy and paste the project code (example Del Monte Fit'n Right GOT 2B FIT Challenge) then you may fill in whatever message you feel is appropriate for the specific casting ( application,inquiry,project.etc) then finally click SUBMIT. In certain cases some casting notices already have a link to automatically submit your SetCard for the requirement in those cases you can simply click on the link and the MyFameandFortune does the rest. There will be certain cases in which you may receive bounced notices or errors from the email this is common and not to be concerned with as certain Talent Agencies occasionally have full email boxes or may have a problem with their email accounts. Simply take note of this and try to send the ones that bounced another email some other day.  With this tool in your arsenal of personal promotions we do hope you will use this system more often and effectively. For concerns and questions you may always contact us for help or suggestions. Good luck to your setcard broadcasts and we do hope it helps pave the way to your fame and fortune.


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